Domestic violence

The Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court has two programs for domestic violence offenders. If you need more information, on the "Domestic Violence Early Intervention Program" or "Domestic Violence Repeat Offender Program" please call the Court Intervention Program Division/Probation at (505) 841-8189 or: Click Here

The Domestic Violence Early Intervention Program is designed for offenders with a true first offense for domestic violence. This is a pre-adjudication program, meaning that if you qualify for the program and complete the requirements of the program your charge will be dismissed. In order to qualify for DV EIP, you must not have had a prior DV conviction and no violent felonies. The DV EIP program is a volunteer program and does require the offender to take responsibility for his/her actions in the case. The requirements include meeting with your probation officer, attending and completing domestic violence treatment, and random drug and alcohol testing. If you fail to complete the program successfully your case will be returned to the trial docket for prosecution.

early intervention
standard conditions of release

The Courts standard conditions of release are for the defendant to not have any contact with the victim or witnesses who may testify and not to return to the location where the incident occured. To amend these conditions contact an attorney.