booking process

from the arrest the average booking time is 4 to 6 hours in albuquerque

Defendants arrested for new charges will be interviewed by a Division of the Metropolitan Court, known as Background Investigation, to determine conditions of release. Some defendants with strong community ties and whom do not pose a threat to the community, may be released on their own recognizance (ROR). Other defendants will be given a bond. If the defendant does not post bail, they will have an arraignment within 24-48 hours. At Court the bail bond will be subject of change. Based on the defendants criminal history, the charges, weight of the evidence and appearance record, the bond could be reduced, increased or remain the same.

A No-Bond Hold means the defendant must see the judge before they can post bond. Persons with holds from a felony probation violation will have court in 2-4 weeks. Those with misdemeanor probation holds tend to see the judge in about a week from the arrest. Holds in Metro Court for violation of conditions of release, happen within 2-4 days.

new charges
no bond-hold